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Commercial Waste Management Team is a Company, incorporated under companies act 2013, having its registered office cum work station in Bangalore, Karnataka. Which provides socially and environmentally responsible waste management services, passionate about implementing simple solutions that are effective and helps our degraded environment, recover. Our country is facing the garbage issue and this is where Commercial Waste Management Team steps in and helps tackle this problem in a scientific way and ensures a clean and green environment.

Our Services


If you are in search for ‘Where to recycle electronics in Bangalore you are in right place. Commercial Waste..

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Dry Waste

All the recyclable/reusable which is non biodegradable solid waste comprising of paper..

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Wet Waste

Which contains Dry Leaves, Vegetable, Fruit Peels, flowers, left-over food, expired food items, etc. etc.

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Plastic Waste

Solid waste comprising of plastic bottles, carry bags, packing materials like kurkure, Atta cover etc., plastic..

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All Kinds of Waste

We Do all kinds of waste management services, We provide end-to-end decentralized waste management..

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Scrap Item

We have extensive expertise in handling all kind of scrap such as ferrous and non ferrous, cable scrap..

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Our Value Proposition

  • Single Point for all Waste Management

  • Customer Oriented

  • Technology Driven

  • Green Guarantee

  • Fair Labor

  • Infrastructure & Equipment

  • On Time

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